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Assault Typing Assault Typing

Rated 3 / 5 stars

OK typing game...

...the only problems I can see with it are the slow pace (no adjustable difficulty) the player will feel when it's just four-letter words over and over, the lack of boss battles in the areas, and that enemies with three-letter words are unable to be attacked.

The typing game feel was nice, though, and there aren't too many of these. Hope this helps!

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Autumn War Autumn War

Rated 4 / 5 stars

What they said

First off, I really do like this game. It's got a great-looking battle-screen, and the setting is nice, too. It gives you that "Ha ha, man, this is cool" feeling as your troops shot the zombies. Not only that, but the graphics are very, very good!
The problem is, the whole experience was kind of soured when certain issues came up: 1-Pretty much what Drakenian said before me, the pistol & rifle troop and machine gun vehicle accuracy's a little low considering they are military personnel. I'm not asking for it to become a cakewalk, but even when the distance between the soldiers and the zombies became dangerously close, the accuracy stayed in the 20-25 range.
2-Even when the troops killed zombies, I noticed that there's no prioritization of the targets. Basically, I watched as the zombies came running, while the soldiers shot and killed zombies... that were farthest from them. It would be really great if you could put in something to have them target the zombies closest to them first.
Of course, I can't forget that this game was made over a year ago, so any of these could already be done in a possible sequel or something. Overall, though, it was pretty fun!

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StormWinds 1.5 StormWinds 1.5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

...And I thought the FIRST one was cool...

This one made it even better! Cool turrets, interesting enemies, challenges, and a land level! That's a pretty good load of new content for half a sequel (1 - 1.5)! :D
And that end boss... hardcore, man, hardcore. It seems like that boss doesn't have any weak points, only strong points (damage reduction). I would've been toast if it hadn't been for my 2 handy-dandy time guns to keep him at bay!

Some of the things I'm noticing:
1 - People stuck on the later missions b/c of those shield guys or whatnot that block off the main body of the ship (2 words: remote missile *wink*)
2 - Complaining about the $5 for extra content (Pretty much what the Author's Responses say in the previous reviews - There's a lot of unseen work that people put into these high-quality games/flashes that we see online; take the Xombie series as an example. Something very nice, but limited by what time the author can afford to put into it, hence the little donations. Keep in mind that all of us players still got a heck of a lot for free in this game.)

So, what I'm saying here is: good game, man.

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Hungry are the Dead Hungry are the Dead

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Pretty nice game, I felt that "defending yourself against impossible odds" feeling you talked about after about... night 22 or so. Those d*mn dogs make you have to keep shifting your aim from top to bottom, and those headless zombies are so annoying... As for those who are wondering about "the end," I would guess that would be when your character dies. I kind of wish there had been a few more shot power upgrades, maybe one that goes through three, then four zombies? It would help you last longer, but then again, the point of the game is that you're not going to last forever. :P

You Are Dead

Accuracy: 229% <--ha ha ha
Kills: 4670
Time: 28 nights
Rank: Undead Scourge!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Really nice, but could you add some extra hotkeys for the 4 support buildings? Further into the game, in the time it took for me to click a support building, the missiles would get WAY too close, and I agree with the people suggesting the EMP work with partial energy. BUT OVERALL - 5/5 and a fav, good job! :D